TRI-STATE-K9 - Group Certifications

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Independent Handlers Of Utah TRI-STATE K-9 TEAM CERTIFICATIONS
First Last Name Trailing1 Trailing2 Trailing3 Urban Cadaver1 Cadaver2 HRD Area Evidence Water/Shore Water/Open Avalanche Building
Bryan Bennett Mina Apr/18
Cori Whitney Delta Mar/18
Dee Dillman Rhum Apr/18
Dee Dillman Coke Apr/18
Jan Holley Scout May/18 Aug/14 Feb/12
Jan Holley Smoke Oct/17
Marie Ginman Batman Jun/14 May/18 May/17 May/15
Mike Thomas Taz Nov/17 Nov/17 Oct/16
Beat Marti Laser Apr/17 Apr/17 May/17 May/17 May/18 Apr/18 May/18 Jul/18
Color Codes
5/8/10ACTIVE Certification
5/8/10EXPIRED Certification remaining ACTIVE during GRACE PERIOD
5/8/10EXPIRED Certification
5/8/10Certification SUSPENDED: The team (Dog or Handler) is temprarily not able perform this discipline to standard
5/8/10Certification RETIRED: The team is no longer able to perform this discipline to standard